I Believe in Working Around the House.

I have put in more washes today. I am cleaning, sorting, and putting clothes away. This is part of the process, and I do this at least 3 days a week while Ed is studying, or talking with others. He may miss me, but I need to get this task done. Disseminating the clothes is a huge task. Isaac has helped some, but I open bags, and put things in the washer, the basket to go in the wash, or I steam them and hang them in the closet. Some are clean, so I don’t have to wash them again.

I don’t like dirt, bugs, or laziness. I rest after getting tired, and then I am ready to go for a few days. It is like being wound up after resting. The key is wound, and I work around the house while Ed is gone, and Isaac is doing something with food for the church in the kitchen. He is not always here.

I love my home, and it looks homey. Our furniture is wearing, but we love to clean, and mop, sweep the kitchen, and the halls, and keep the place looking as clean as possible. We have inside pets, and they are strays. This is a chore that Isaac has taken on. Some people may not like cats, but these had no home. They would have been put to sleep. We would rather give them a home, and shots. I believe we try our best. Some of the cats are getting that age where they may be gone by next year.

Bubba died last year. He was like a dog, only in a cat’s body. He knew what he wanted, and he followed me around the house when I came home. I believe all cats sleep some. It is at night that they stir.  I love dogs. We have one big one. He is a stray also, but we have forgotten what he looked like.

His doctor helped him recover his normal skin. Butch was pink from head to toe when we got him. He hardly had hair. The doctor for him told us what to do and with treatments, he survived what he had. Now he is grateful, and happier than most big dogs. He loves us, and loves everyone who comes to see us. He is pitiful ,he is so friendly!

When I work at home, and others are gone, I am not afraid. Butch is a,DSCF1946 wonderful, guard dog.

Butch weighs more than 80 pounds…………..

U believe God gives us pets. Butch came two days after a teen in the church died from drowning. I believe he came to comfort us. We took him home, and then to the vet. It worked. The Old veterinarian knew just what to do to give him fur. Now he is white, black and brown, with no bare places on him where hair wouldn’t grow. He is happy, and he may be grateful. His personality, is ,”Hello. Who are You. Have you come to play?”

He might also say, “I could eat you, I’m bigger.” He is a good watch dog.


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