Housework is Exercise!

Think of the action involved in these house activities. Mopping the floor. The movement is to the side, or over one, spot to make sure a spot comes up from the floor. Mopping uses stomach muscles, and your concentration. You have to watch where you go with the mop. It is a messy job, but Isaac, and I mop the kitchen floor at least twice a day. If I see the dirt, I mop it. I always sweep before mopping. A good broom, and a clean mop are essential. I plan to get another thin, string mop.

Then how about vacuuming? You are moving the machine toward the dirt. It has a power head, but I am still moving the machine, and the power head. I see the paper, and bits of dirt leave for the vacuum has good suction. I believe even the floor of a closet should be vacuumed.


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