A Good Supper.

Dessert was two, scoops of Ice cream in a small ,dish. The ice cream was Butterfinger, and Vanilla. Ed brought in Butterfinger ice cram the other day. We were down to almost none by this afternoon. He came home with ice cream in his hand. It was Butterfinger, and Vanilla. We had no vanilla, and we had Butterfinger ice cream after lunch. Can you tell we like this?

This what? Well, we relax, and eat. We enjoy the meal. A little fat helps you on the diet you’re on. No joke. So I have eaten a little fat today, and otherwise my meal was sane. Isaac brought home Spinach. We had dressing, strawberries, and nuts on our salad. The nuts were crushed.

I do believe I could eat this kind of salad multiple times in a week. Throw out the greens, and give me the ripe, strawberries. I love the chopped, walnuts, but they don’t come near to my like for the strawberries. We have strawberries in April, when those in this area won’t be ripe until May. Wow! We are blessed.


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