What Your Attitude is will Either Repel of Attract.

Family is family. I try to keep peace, shut my mouth, laugh, and smile my way through the day. Yesterday I was tired to my toes, so I didn’t do much around the house. My attitude was, “I need to rest.” I was tired because of cooking at the church for the meal that night. When I cook, I clean at the same time. I had two helpers, but when the meal was over, the study was given, and everyone had left….I was tired.

Some days are like this. Isaac will copy what I do many times. If I am in a good mood, and cheerful, he is even-tempered, and talks to me. Yelling, screaming, and fits are not acceptable to me. I don’t, or try not to pitch fits. It isn’t appealing to have these, and it repels the family. I get over it, and brush myself off.

For these reasons, I have a place set in the living room. I have a small table, chair, and my Bible with the notebook I use to keep notes. This works for me. I can look out the window, and study at the same time. I am slowly working through 1 Corinthians, and today I read chapters 6-9. I slowly read, and consumed them. I wrote down verses that I know are wonderful from these chapters. When I finish this book, I will have read the New Testament again, for the 9th time. I am counting, but I read the Bible for years. I need to keep count these days, because I have goals. One is to read the Bible through 3 times this year. It may happen, and it may not. I don’t rush. When I read the Bible it makes a difference.

Isaac will say, “Have you read your Bible today?”

He would rather cook the dinner or breakfast for me, than for me to go without Bible reading. It calms me down on the inside, and I am cheerful, and full of the Lord after taking my time. Personal study is important. Find your Bible,and read it for it gives light on the inside of your soul. Fellowship is wonderful, but when you have none, you can run to Jesus, and talk to Him about all that bothers you. I am not a sales person. Jus know from experience, that reading the Bible fine tunes me.


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