Meal time is special, whether it is out to eat, or at home. We have been eating at home, because money is not grown in the backyard. We have to watch how we spend it. So I set the table with tablecloths, and silverware that is washable, but nice. I put things on the table and wait for Isaac, and Ed to come to lunch, dinner, or breakfast. I keep the tablecloth on the table all day. I change them frequently. They aren’t all fancy, but I am putting them to good use, and I use place mats under the dishes.

I know this is old-fashioned, but meal time is important. The look of the table will either repel, or attract them to come and eat. I load the oven with good food, and we eat two real meals, and breakfast daily. Breakfast is usually two fried eggs apiece, and toast with jelly. Rarely, I cook apples, and add cinnamon, and a little sugar. We are going low with the sugar most of the time.

It is my choice to serve the meal this way. Yes, it is more trouble, but the more trouble you take, the more it pays off in the end. The television is on, and movies are a choice. At times there isn’t much to watch, so we switch to something educational. We prefer a comedy, or a good mystery, but some movies are not worth the effort. I serve dessert, but I choose small dishes. They can ask for more or serve themselves. Often I don’t eat dessert, because I have run out of calories.


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