Mother’s Birthday was Yesterday.

I thought about Mother all day yesterday, because it was her birthday. Mom has gone to be with the Lord, but when her birthday rolls around, I certainly have her on my mind. I don’t know of anyone else who shares this day. Mother and I were close, and we would shop together. She would get me ready for college, or she would just shop. When she bought a dress, we looked alike, because she bought one that would fit me that was like hers.

Mother, and I prayed together, and she would ask me to pray for many things, including people who Dad was concerned over. I would pray, and if anyone taught me to pray, it was my Mother. We didn’t sit down to pray. She just expected me to do my part as I went about my day at home. I would pray. When two are in agreement, it puts 10,000 to flight. I learned that verse as I found it one day while I was reading through the Bible. I claim it enthusiastically.


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