Isaac Went to the Store.

Isaac has taken some time to do the shopping we needed to get done. He must have spent an hour. I just called him, and he is on his way home. There is no telling what we will have for supper. We have three pork chops left from Wednesday night’s meal. We had a roast cut into pork chops, and we must have gotten 36 chops this way. I served most of them, and some took pork chops home with them. We took what was left, and believe me, they are good.

My ears have been ringing since I ate the meal on Wednesday night. I guess the breading for the chops had salt in it. I don’t usually eat salt. I have high blood pressure issues. Mine isn’t extremely high, but this week it has been high enough to notice my ears are ringing. They don’t usually ring all day, and all night. I love pork chops, but I may opt out on these for tonight’s meal.


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