I have Finished Cleaning.

I washed boo-kooes of clothes today. Then I dried them. I have been cleaning each room trying to sort, clean, and stack things on shelves, and make the rooms look more organized. I learned to organize as I helped someone while we worked on the church yard sales. We put one thing on each table, or we had a designated place for everything that was a “set”.

I didn’t know as much about organizing, and I needed to know more. When I came home from the yard sales, I applied what I learned. I have cleaned, sorted, thrown out, and chosen to reorganize things in my, bedroom, and in the rest of the house. It is a slow process, but I could never go swiftly through anything without having memories. This slows my cleaning, because I think of the people who I know who gave me this, or that. I believe I am about through. I am thankful.


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