I Don’t Have Patience.

I punched all the right buttons, but my comment would not go through. A big read sentence appeared, stating that it wasn’t accepted. I believe the machine is mixed up. I had a fine comment about the birds that were painted in water-color solution. I paint, and I know when something is good. I wanted to leave a positive comment, but by the time I fiddled with trying to publish it. I was upset. What is wrong with this picture? I was just commenting.

I don’t have patience for discrepancy. I don’t have patience for something that refuses my comment, but accepts others. I believe commenting is spontaneous for all of us. I believe a simple, painting is much trouble, but the desire to make it comes with time. I believe more people would paint, but they think they have no, talent. I believe persistence is a key to painting anything.

My son is talented with art, but he rarely paints. He has the tools. He draws anything. He has finished courses at two, colleges, and one of those was an art related major. I use his wisdom, and expertise at times. He never draws anything for me. He smiles, and gives his advice. I like smiles.


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