One Apple Pie. Smile. It is All Gone.

Ed said, “Ruby, make one apple pie.”  I had enough to make two, but when Ed says fix one, that is what I do. I did. I made one deep dish apple pie. It takes seven apples to make my kind of apple pie. I chose a Yellow Delicious apple this time.  I bought pie dough, and usually I get Pillsbury.

I know how to make a pie dough, but this one tastes like it is home-made.  My Mother in law would use this dough, and I figure if it suited her tastes, I would trust it also. I did, and I do.

I put a little flour to thicken. Then I add the candies. They melt with the butter, and the sugar to make a syrup. The syrup runs on to the pan the pie is setting on. I believe when the pie starts losing syrup that it is done. It take one hour to complete the pie in the oven. I wait until it has baked for an hour. This gives the apples a chance to cook, and they are done when the oven finishes with them. I set the oven at 350 because cooking slow is better than fast. It gives the apples time to melt in the butter, and the spices.

We had beaten, and marinated pork chops with House Dressing on them. It made a real, meal, and it takes time to fix them. Ed bought a new, cookie sheet for putting them on. There was one, and we bought the last one the store had. I couldn’t hurry with this meal. I wanted it to be special, because we have some fine, people coming.

I prayed over the meal, and the pie. Three people came to help in the kitchen. They were busy. We didn’t have iced tea. I didn’t have time to brew any, and there was none in the refrigerator.  We drank water, or made tea, or coffee. The coffee was gone. I believe we had a wonderful group, and the lesson Ed gave was stupendous.

We came home and I made another apple pie. Hot out of the oven in one hour.


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