Cooler Weather.

We are having cooler weather. The sun is out, but the wind keeps it cooler today. Sally is in the den now, and little Mosie is our playing, and running through the house. She is our baby of the cats. She and Sally don’t get along, and they won’t. They are both females, and Mosie is tiny compared to other adult cats. She loves to tease, and get the cats chasing her. She is so loveable when I go in the bathroom where she lives. The dryer and the washer are there. At times she tries to get on my back and take a ride. I was not ready for this today. I called for Isaac, who picked her up.

I said, “Maybe she should run and play. ” He agreed. So now she can run, and play, but she always loves to go back to her home. There is a tall shelf, and she loves to hide up there. She watches us as we come in to check on the dryer or washer. I have much washing to do. I usually am in a hurry, and this is where she comes in. Before I know it she has hopped on my back. She rides for a moment as I move around. Then she might lick my neck. I don’t like that. I call for Isaac. He comes to pick her up. She delights in his company.


6 thoughts on “Cooler Weather.

  1. jmschum3

    You and I have cats, and Mother hated cats. So did her mother, and her sisters. I don’t know about her brother. I’ve thought a lot about her today, her birthday. She would have been 99. I’m glad she’s with Daddy and her parents, friends, other relatives, and of course, the Lord Jesus. Good memories. Love you!

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      1. jmschum3

        Yes, a little better. We were in Ashburn by 11:00 with Lilian and went down every aisle at Fred’s with her. She was in her wheelchair, and Ken pushed her. I took a buggy around. We spent over an hour in Fred’s, and then went to Pat’s Place for lunch, and came home. Lilian hadn’t been out of the house in nearly 7 days, and was climbing the walls. I’m so glad we could do this for her, and get her a few things she needed. She’s a dear friend. Now, I need rest! Hahahaha!

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