I have Packed up, and Cleaned Today.

I constantly am cleaning, vacuuming, or sweeping, but it pays off in the long run. It is impossible to keep this house settled, with pets here. When they are gone, we may choose not to have pets again. Isaac loves them, and he is the main, caretaker. If he moves, he would not take all of them with him. I have to clean more. Cleaning makes my day. Smile.

Our animals were strays. They came to us at all ages. We love, care for, and feed them. It is not too much to do this. Kindness is eventually rewarded. Bubba died last summer. He was mine. Tiger is Isaac’s. He follows him from room to room. I feed him also, but Tiger goes where Isaac is. Bubba would find me in the chair, and come up. He followed me around the house, or tried. I go faster some days.


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