I HAVE LEARNED from those who know about singing to the Lord, that He sits enthroned on the praises of His people. I have learned  that praise should be spontaneous to God.

It took awhile, but I let the singing become spontaneous to God. I let the worship come to me, and I did what I felt would be worshiping the Lord. I believe our choir director has taught me to lift my voice, and sing to the Lord. 

I have learned so much from those who regularly practice singing to Him. Some of the music I sing is written, and other times it is spontaneous, without words. I receive the words to the music. It is going directly back to His throne when I sing the tune to Him. I believe God gives us songs to deliver us from our self, Satan, and sin.

When you sing to one, you are witnessing about Jesus. When you sing to two, they might join in with you. When you sing to 12 people, that is more than one, two, or four. When you sing, God hears you, because you come into His throne room, and sing before His throne. God wants us to ask Him when we have needs, but primarily, we are made to worship the Lord.

I have studied the Psalms to see what to do in worship. David loved the Lord, and he worshiped Him.  Sing in the car. Sing at home, and open your mouth to sing at church. It doesn’t hurt to sing to Him, because when the Anointing comes in the room I know you will want to sing. You can sing, and clap, move your feet, and get into worshiping the Lord. I believe God wants you to sing to Him with your whole heart. Try it. Sing!


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