My Half-Hour is Over Almost.

I am writing again, and then I must go back to what I was doing. My husband was on the web, and I asked for one half hour to write. He gladly gave it up. This has been an awesome day. My son mowed the lawn yesterday without being asked to do this. He finished when we got home. He worked until about dark. We did go to church, and we were out to lunch, and busy this afternoon. He mowed without being told.

I am thinking, “What has happened to this young man?”

He didn’t complain. After dark he said he was mowing, and he saw sparks in the grass. Ed told him to come on inside. He can finish tomorrow. I don’t know what the sparks were.

If you aren’t having a wonderful day, then take your Bible, open it, and read for yourself for 30 minutes. Don’t time yourself. Find a significantly quiet spot. I have a table in the living room that is my quiet spot. It has a small lamp on it, and I have plenty of room for my Bible. The cats gathered in there today, but they were quiet as I read. Smile.


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