Acts is in the Bible. I have been reading through Acts for at least a week. I could have finished faster, but I had other things to pursue. Tonight I finished the last chapter, and Acts is now complete. This is the way it is, when you read the Bible through, you have to be tenacious, and never give up the task. I expect to finish sometime in May, but it may be in June. I will take as long as I have to. It is not what I want to rush to finish. This is my 9th time and I am slower than the other times. I want to get the treasures. I have already found some.

I found myself talking to the Lord. Today was peaceful, and I enjoyed the singing immensely today.

I sing at home, in the shower, in the car, in the church, and with people there. I sing when I am driving my car by myself, and when I am out walking to lose inches. I sing at the drop of a hat, because after I read the Word, I am full of it. I haven’t always wanted to sing. When I first came to Christ, I wanted to sing the whole hymnal. I believe the Lord made me want to sing, because it gives me joy. I was born sad, but when I found Christ for sure, I wanted to sing right away. I used to cry when I would hear people singing hymns. When I came to Christ, I didn’t want to cry. I wanted to SING.

Someone tested me to see if I was a Christian. I was 13 and the youngest of the Bible teachers in the group I was in. The leader said, “Ruby, how did you come to Christ?” I told her that Mother led me to Christ one day while she was in bed, and sick with a headache.

She said, “How do you know the Lord is inside you? How did you change?” I thought, “She doesn’t believe me.”

I said to her, and those who were listening,” I know I am young, but I came to Christ when I was 8 years old. When I was 12, I submitted my life to Him. I want to share Christ with children, and adults. I know that He lives inside me. I have His joy, and the sadness I had is gone. I sing to Him, and He gives me His joy.”

I stayed, and taught children all summer. I was the youngest, and I helped at first. When she trusted me, the woman gave me my own class, and set me in the middle of no where with houses all around.

She said, “You will do fine. Knock on doors, and gather the children. ”

I did, and they came. I prayed, and they came to Christ. There is nothing impossible with God. He taught me for years, and when I came of age, I began teaching the Bible and leading the little group in songs, and we had church. People came to see what we were doing, and they came to Christ, when God touched their hearts. You see, He used me,. because I gave my heart to Him, and asked Him to use me. God looks on the heart. His joy has continued. I am not sad! PRAISE GOD!


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