Faith is Not Idle. It is Work.

Faith is trusting God. When you have a circumstance that needs praying over, then tell God all about it. Open your Bible and He will give you comfort, and verses to stand on for this is a time of absolute trust. It is not a time to abandon God.

It is a time to kneel, lie down on the floor, and seek His face about what you are having to go through.

I know, because in ministry, Ed, and I have been through many, things that required faith to move the mountains. As you use the faith you have, God gives you more. Two in agreement will put 10,000 to flight.

Pick up your Bible, and ask God to forgive you for not coming to Him sooner.

Humble yourselves before His mighty hand, and yield to the Holy Spirit. God will tell you what to do in your circumstance.

Open your Bible and find ten verses of encouragement. Write the references, and the verses down. Read them aloud to God, yourself, and anything in the room around you, visible, or unseen. This works! God is invisible, but he allows us to draw close to Him. This picture illustrates a close time when the person has run to Him for comfort.

Yes, He loves me.
It’s time to trust the Lord, and draw close.

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