Faith comes. Then you Work the Plan.

I will be reading along, and little bits of faith will come in the form of pictures to my mind, or a special verse will become special because the Holy Spirit points to it. It is there catching my sight. I didn’t see that verse before, but now I am reading it with interest.

I believe faith, and the Word of God go together. I read daily, and this is discipline. I try to have read, and if I haven’t done this early in the day, then I don’t sleep until I have adequately opened the Word, and studied. At this point, the end of the day has been chosen, but I am tired. It is always a discipline, but I take a half hour to read the Word. It is nourishment to my body, mind, and soul. I believe God speaks to us through His Word. I believe God wants us to communicate with each other, and to fellowship by speaking about where we are in the Bible, and what God is saying personally to us.

I will often get up midstream, and go tell Ed that the passage I am reading is Wonderful! He will look up, and say, “Good, Ruby. ”

At times he will come in, and read the passage with me. Today he did this. We read in Acts 27 about the ship wreck. 14-32 is to the end of the chapter. I believe God puts our eyes on the verses we need to read to give wisdom, hope, and to rejuvenate us. Then we prayed.

I laid my head on the floor to talk to Him. No one was around, and the cats knew not to bother me. Ed took Butch outside to the front yard. I was left by myself, to pray. I don’t often do this, but this morning was wonderful. God meets me for Bible reading, because I have been doing this consistently. He cares. He wants us to love Him with all our heart. He wants to give wisdom. I love the Psalms, and I am now finished with Acts. The next passage is in 1 Corinthians 6:6 to the end of the chapter.

When I finish reading these chapters, I will be through with the New Testament for the 9th time.

Reading the Bible through is a hobby of mine. I have had it for a while. It takes about a year, and a half to complete the Bible if I go slower, and meditate daily on what I am reading. I love to slowly read, meditate, and get something for the day. It is important to carry away a thought, or an important verse, or a count of how many times one word showed up in the text. The more it shows up, the more important it is that we get the emphasis.

I went to Bible College for a year, and I had to take Bible as a minor when I transferred to get my B. S. in Education. I attended a Christian college. My parents were the school I started with. They schooled me daily in the things of the Lord, as well as my other two, sisters. It wasn’t easy. We struggled when we knew the bus would be coming, and we had to get out there to catch it. When we missed the bus, because the Lord was first, Dad took us to school.


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