Acts 27:14-25. Read this passage with me.

Read the passage that I have selected. Then look for verse 23-25. When we are about to be shipwrecked the Lord always gives advice, and causes us to want to seek His face. The ship in this passage was caught in a huge wind storm. The ship could not face the wind. It gave way to the wind. Those on board allowed the wind to carry them in the ship. They were allowing the wind to carry them along.

This was a violent wind. The sailors could do nothing but let the ship be carried along by the wind. They came to an island, and they finally got the ship under control. It was a difficult task. They let their anchors down, and allowed the ship to be driven along. They threw cargo overboard the next day, and on the third day of the storm, they threw out the ship’s tackle. For days they struggled, and soon their hope left that they would find land, and dry ground. Hope abandoned them.

Paul was on this ship. They went many days before Paul stood to speak to the men. He chided them for not following His advice. He had advised the men not to set sail at Crete. He told them it would be too dangerous, and they would have losses.

Paul told the men that an angel had come to him in the night. It was God’s angel.  Paul said, I belong to God who has angels. I serve Him and stand before Him, among the angels.

The angel before me said not to be afraid, for you must stand before Caesar. The angel said all those aboard the ship would be delivered. None would perish with the storm.  I love the next verse, also. The angel tells Paul not to be afraid, but keep up his courage. I BELIEVE GOD. IT WILL TURN OUT JUST LIKE I HAVE BEEN TOLD. Paul said. He made his statement of Trust in the Lord.

In ministry, Ed and I come to this place of making a statement of faith to God. We have come many times. When his mother was in a coma, and we were headed for his hometown, Ed and I prayed, until God encouraged us with visions about his mother. Ed saw her sitting on her couch in a bathrobe he had never seen. He could describe it, because this was God’s vision of encouragement.

We got to the home place, and all the curtains were drawn. Pappy’s truck was at the hospital, and we greeted Ed’s sister at the door. She was stricken with grief, but soon we said, “Let’s run the vacuum, pull the curtains back, and anoint Pappy’s shoes. God is going to do something.”

The atmosphere of the house changed as the darkness left, and the grieving was turned to rejoicing, and hope. When God gives you faith, you get up, and use it. You don’t sit on it. Faith is worked out in the action that you take. We took action, and we went to the hospital.

She had not wakened, and Mom C. was still in a coma. Our hearts sunk, but God had said some words to say over her. Pappy came in later, and finding her asleep, he kissed her on the cheek. She woke up! We came back, and she was glad to see us. Mom was weak, but she dramatically improved, and soon she was sitting at home, on the couch, in the robe that Ed had never seen her wearing.

This happened many years ago, but when we have difficult times, Ed, and I reflect on times like this when God came through for us, and miracles happened, and prayers were answered.

For his Mom to live, was a miracle. God did it. He is all-powerful. God is God, Almighty. When we submit to Him, it is from head to toe. He forgives our sins, and we submit to Him completely. He cleanses our hearts, and He takes the throne of our hearts. This is submission to Almighty God in Jesus name. I submit to Jesus Christ, and to God the Father, and the Holy Spirit, three in One. You see, God answers prayer. He is in control of the ship…even if it tries to shipwreck.


12 thoughts on “Acts 27:14-25. Read this passage with me.

  1. jmschum3

    Thanks for this one. We are in a severe t’storm watch until 5:00–large hail, 70 mph winds, tornadoes. We are covered with the blood of Jesus and expect it to “Passover”, but I’m still praying. I am still afraid. Can’t really help that, but I can be afraid and trust God at the same time. I am human, after all!

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    1. Sing, Jane, sing! Any songs you know, or make it up, but sing to the Lord during the storm. It will help you to have victory. Once I had to remain at the church while a tornado was coming to our town. The church is on the outskirts of that town. You called, and I said, “I have the bathroom to run to, because there are no windows.” I did run to it, and I came back to the group to sit there while we studied. Odd, but it passed over us. God must have seen us reading, and heard your prayers for our stubborn faith. Smile. We didn’t budge, because sometimes you have to stand in the storm, and at times I have rebuked them, and told them to leave in Jesus name. I believe God will take us through the storms at times. I believe He is as close as we allow Him to be, and bowing to Him is what I do frequently….especially in the storm. Love you, and of course I am praying now. Love, Rubydo.


      1. jmschum3

        We got through the storms. No tornadoes. High winds, but I call that “God pruning the trees”. Lots of limbs down, but we got some good rain which we really needed. All is well, thank the Lord for saving us once again!

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      2. jmschum3

        Storms and rain all gone, but they will be back Wed night–severe weather again predicted. It’s that time of year! Thanks for your prayers. We are safe, dry and well.

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      3. I’m glad. This is a rest day for me since I cook all day tomorrow. Doris has company ..her two sisters are here. They will be there Wednesday night. Sweet ladies. Leaving Thursday.


      4. jmschum3

        The forecast is for much worse weather tomorrow, starting in the morning. I had the MRI on my back scheduled for 9:30 on Wed. I called Ms. Pat, she got it changed to today at 3:30! I prayed I could go today, and the Lord arranged it! Hallelujah!

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      5. I’m glad. Maybe you didn’t break a bone. Healing happens when we rest. I believe in resting two days a week plus Sunday afternoon when we get home. I’m resting on purpose, but I have a wash in. Smile.


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