The Things I Read.

I have rested some today. I got tired, and when I laid down the ceiling spun for me. The dizziness was gone, and it is there again. I do love to go through the Reader section, and read what other authors are saying. It is a series of the best writing on the web. I pass some of it up, but others I read, because I love the topic. I read other people’s writings because I believe it gives me an idea of who is saying what on the internet. I have met some wonderful people on the internet, and I enjoy reading what they have to say.

With this in mind, I have noticed how much I love pictures. Pictures go with wonderful content, and a picture is worth many words. I believe it inspires me to read what others have written. I do love comments, and I encourage people to comment when they can. I think working on the internet is helping me meet the rest of the world. Smile.


3 thoughts on “The Things I Read.

    1. What a nice reply. I read down the page, and you commented two times. Thank you. People on the blogs seem to all be nice to me. I enjoy meeting new people. I treasure meeting others who are on their way to Heaven. I believe Pilgrim’s Progress was influential in my life as my family read it all the way through . I taught it to a class of children after I began teaching Sunday School. It might have been a regular class I had. I believe this book is wonderful. I also love Bird Life in Wington.

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