Snacks keep Me From Eating Sweets!

I keep a, little, yogurt on hand, and it is always cold when I take one for a snack. I had one yesterday when Ed didn’t come home for a while. He had a meeting this morning to prepare for. Ed had a meeting this morning, and mid-morning, when it was nearing lunch, I took out a yogurt. I dearly love the yogurt that has the fruit in the bottom of the container. This yogurt was thoroughly mixed, and I didn’t have any fruit pieces in it.

I had a home-made grill sandwich, mid-afternoon. I needed the protein, and I make the sandwich in my small, iron, skillet. I put butter in the pan, and it melts. Then I put a piece of bread down. While the bread is browning, I put shredded ,cheese on the bread, and I try not to let it get off the bread. It does at times. Then I butter a ,second ,piece of bread and put it on top of the cheese. I turn the bread over, so it can brown, and the first, bread can not get burned.

It takes about 8 minutes to brown the bread, and melt the shredded, cheese. I must hold my mouth right to turn the bread, and some of the cheese always gets on the pan at this point. Soon I take the sandwich out of the pan, and put it on a plate. I scooped up the fried, cheese that didn’t stay on the bread. I love fried, cheese.


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