Good Morning!

I have a little time, and then I must get back to work. I am ironing, and hanging things that have been washed, and dried. I am still opening bags of things that we put in bags after we took them to the laundry mat. We have worked on these for at least a month, and yesterday I opened only a few. I have today, to finish what I can. I will.

It takes time to get things clean, and to put them back in their place in this house. My closet was completely emptied, and everything in it, and in our drawers, and the other closets was put in bags. Then a person came in to inspect, and he sprayed down the bedrooms, drawers, closets, and all that we have here. It takes a while, but I believe he got it all. Now the finishing process is to iron the clothes, and put them back where they belong.

We are fine. All this is a discipline we had to walk through. I hope we never go through this one again. I feel our home is much cleaner, and we are better off for doing this. We are learning about life. It isn’t always going to be easy. We must rely on the Lord who loves us much, and we must keep ourselves in the Word, so that our attitudes stay positive and what the Lord wants us to be. I believe things happen for a good reason. I believe in the goodness of the Lord. We have been through a hard time, and come out shining like a new pennies!


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