Work the Plan.

I am a retired school teacher. After retiring I started painting. My sister died, and I needed to express my art, because it handled my grieving. I could paint it out. Paint until the grieving stopped, and I chose to paint flowers more than other things.

I still draw on my website, and I paint flowers when I am given one, or when I feel the need to get close to God, nature, and my paint brush. I am close to God. I am a Christian, but I paint by faith. I have had a few lessons. My sister paid for me to take lessons from an artist. She was intuitive, and noticed that I love to paint the sky..clouds, airplanes, birds. She was hinting that she knew what I am, and who I am on the inside. I never shared Jesus with her. I was silent, because I was finally receiving instruction in painting which I love to do.

The lessons stopped, because the money ran out, but I had a refreshing start, and then my father watched me paint at his home, and mother would fix lunch when the lesson was about over. I spent hours with them, and Dad didn’t make many comments. We painted together, but I did the painting. He furnished paints, brushes, and made some recommendations. I would never sell the last one I painted with him. It was a mountain scene, with water, rocks, trees, and sky. It was difficult, but the picture was not always clear.

Work the plan. If you love art, find a good teacher, and pay her 300 dollars to teach you all she can for that money. Then go do what you have been taught. I took art class when I was in training to teach. It was Art in the Elementary school. I refreshed my schooling one summer, and I took Art Structure. These were taught by professors at the University. I made an “A” because they worked the class, and I cooperated. I did everything I could to make the grade.

Every ten years I had to go back to school, and one summer I stayed at a college during the week, and came home on the week-end. I went back on Sunday afternoon, and stayed there in the dormitory without a roommate. I had my room to myself. I thought that it was strange that I wasn’t given a roommate. I ate by myself until some friendly students invited me to eat with them. They didn’t know who I was. Those next door to me did know, because they were from the same town. I am a preacher’s wife, and they didn’t want to be friendly.

This made it a painful time that summer, but I found the Lord, and didn’t complain. I left for breakfast, and then the people next door woke up and talked. I heard them say, “Sh! She hasn’t gone yet.!!”

What causes this? I am a Christian, and whether it is said, or not, I am. It is written all over me. I was several miles away from home, and I prayed my way through my classes. I made A’s. God knows your heart, and when you are that many miles away, He goes with you by the Power of the Holy Spirit.

I have 18 hours of schooling beyond my degree, because of not having my Master’s. It takes 16 to get a Masters! I am thankful for that summer. I determined to study, and to read every day. I did. I knelt by the bed before I went to sleep. I endured as a soldier should. I cried at times because I wanted friends, but God was there, and I drew close. He comforted me, and my determination to make a good grade helped. I went back home thankful for friends who loved Jesus. Ed knew the people next door. He explained life to me.


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