It’s Time for Supper, but I’m Still Writing.

I have no idea what we are having for supper. Maybe we will have left overs from Wednesday’s meal. We had a nice group, and more came this time. I am in the kitchen, cooking for several hours. A little comes back to pay for the expense of the meal. It doesn’t ever cover the cost.

We love to serve a good, hot meal. Ed wants a meal, not a snack. So we fix a real, meal. We pay for fixing the real thing. But I find the Lord loves to cook, and we have this conversation all afternoon. I wipe the tables down, put the veggies on to boil, and I made the pot pie from scratch, except for the pie dough. I know how to make it but Pillsbury does a mighty fine job. I buy their dough.

Pot pie heats up in the microwave if the machine is not broken. Ours is. We have had it for twenty something years. It was Ed’s Mom’s, and she gave it to us when we left for Seminary. That is a long time ago.

I believe this day has been well spent. I have rested, written posts, and eaten lunch. I had a little snack, and then I went back to the web. I spend time on Rubies Corner’s blog, and a few of the other blogs. It takes time to write, but the writings flow. It comes all at once. I don’t have to work on it for three weeks. It all comes, complete with a smile.


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