I Have a Wonderful Iron.

I have a steam iron that I bought years ago when I was working. I had to keep things ironed for Ed, Isaac, and me, and the steam iron I purchased was one of the best out on the market at the time. I made good money, but the idea was to purchase the top of the line so I wouldn’t have to replace this iron in a year, or two. You get what you pay for.

The iron is steaming away when I fill it with water, and I get my clothes done in minutes. I buy clothes that you don’t have to iron, but somehow they have wrinkles. I don’t like to wear wrinkled, clothes. I have worn them wrinkled, and I hated the whole idea. I went home, changed clothes, and  I throw the garment in the wash. I then ironed it for the next time I would wear it.

I don’t know why I would wear a wrinkled, garment, but one day I did. I saw the difference. I had nothing else to wear, and that is another thing…I always wash clothes, and make sure there is plenty to wear. I think ahead, and I don’t run out of things I can put on.

When I was young, and had a baby, I would find a spot on my clothes, and change to go to a meeting. I went through clothes faster, because babies are just messy. They are wonderful, but sometimes they throw food. You have to teach them what to do, and while they are young, they have fun. Isaac would crawl away, and look back with a grin. He thought he would crawl fast, and make me catch him. I did.

I didn’t keep him in the play pen long. He was free to crawl all he wanted, and I watched him. He played little games, and went to Nursery, but I found a nice sitter for him who would teach him one to one. This worked until I saw Isaac following her to her house. He was walking like she did, and she was elderly.

I found a place to take him. He cried, and I waited for him to get used to the school. He did after two, days. I was working, and I allowed him to go to this school , but I picked him up as soon as I got out. It worked for me.

I believe mothers need to be around their children to hug them, caress them, and to gently correct. Babies are in the womb for 9 months, and I believe the mother has a connection that the father doesn’t have. Ed is close to Isaac, and they work together fine.

Isaac loves me, and proves it when he speaks truth to me. I believe that is part of loving people. He doesn’t hug much, but he does receive comments, and I believe he has the Lord’s wisdom. Any time I need to talk, Isaac will take time to hear me out. He then will comment, and it isn’t always what I want to hear. He repeats many things that I have given him in advice. He is smart, but he does have a learning disability. A little child kicked him in the head when the nursery worker laid him on the floor.

Isaac said the other day, “I have always wanted to meet the person who kicked me in the head. I would give him a piece of my mind.”

I believe such people we have to forgive, and forgive, because they are gone, and we are left with the kick in the head, and the results. People are different when they know Christ. For non-Christians, I don’t expect them to have Christian ways. Many treat me better than Christians do. I don’t know why.

I expect Christians to speak the truth with love, and gentleness. It may hurt, but it is the truth. It is hard for me to speak the truth to the same person.

I run to the Lord, talk about them, and forgive. He handles them, because I can’t. I have no words. Hurts, and wounds have to be forgiven, and I sit before the Lord, and forgive, and forgive, until I know I have.

I believe pride, arrogance, and control are always going to be there to manipulate people. I believe God wants us to be gentle, and to learn to have fellowship with Christians. I can’t fellowship when I have no, voice, or respect.

I turn to my blog, and though I haven’t met you, I talk about the Lord freely. This is my blog, so I write from my heart. It is shameful, when Christians won’t settle differences, and speak to a person with respect. It is a shame that we don’t have more, honest conversations from the heart about how God is dealing with our sins, and our heart. I believe respect has to be there for one to fellowship with another. Respect for God, and that this is the timing of the Lord. Respect includes seeing Christ in a person.

I have written a longer post, and I am sorry if this is too, long for you to read. At times I write shorter ones, because people love the short reads. This time I am flowing in the Holy Spirit, and you will have to read this again to get the most from it.

Deal with your own sins, and your own heart before the Lord.

When you get up off your knees, you will know that God is inside you, and that you are His child. You ask God to come live inside, and you give your life to Christ. This is how the relationship with Him starts.

Tell Him if you doubt Him. I believe confessing your own sins will help, and know that the blood of Jesus Christ covers them.

If someone has offended you, pray for them long before you speak to them. Ask God to sit with them, and convict them of their sins. We have blocks, and road blocks emotionally at times, because we have chosen to not speak the truth, but to go home and work it out.

The road blocks say, for give them from your heart. I do if it takes 6 weeks. I work it out with the Lord. You see the person allows self to speak, or Satan. I believe self, and Satan can be bound, and then loose the Holy Spirit to speak to them. I mainly pray for myself, that I will be bold when it is time, and that the words I do say will be effective . I pray much over Rubies Corner’s blog. I could make this into five, posts, but this time, if you tire, then you shouldn’t be asked to read it. Smile.


Author: rubiescorner

I love to paint,write,make up my own recipes, and sing. I write poetry, songs, and books. I began to paint, because my sister left me art supplies, and I needed to use them. She encouraged anyone to paint.Then she died of cancer. I began to paint more, because I was grieving over her death. As I painted I came out of my gloom, and grief. She was a wonderful, artist. I continue to paint. Recently I have been writing my, fourth, novel. It is about life for a couple who live in a small, town. There is one, adventure after another, in this book. I make no apology for writing Christian novels. I believe there is an audience for Christian literature that is written in this century! My prayer is that after reading it, people will want to read the Word of God, and commit to Christ. I pray over the text, and type. My son encouraged me to join Word Press.com, and he set up my first blog which we called Rubies Corner's Blog. I have other blogs which I have left open, but the largest, blog at this point is Rubies Corner's Blog. My book is being written on rubiesdonovels which is another blog. I am currently writing my fourth, book.. I hope to publish eventually. I am a retired school teacher. My husband is pastor of Christ Fellowship in Ringgold, Georgia. We have been there over thirty, years. I write about my church, and about life from a Christian, perspective as a pastor's wife. Life has become very, interesting, and busy since I resigned from my last job. I consider myself retired, but I paint frequently. My Gravatar shows one, painting that I did several years ago. The plant cost over thirty dollars. I painted on this one for a while. I have another site that has more art work. It is on deviantArt under RSC3. I have over 200 drawings there. Some were finished on the computer with the mouse. Enjoy.

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