I Don’t like Wrinkled Clothes.

I could fold, or hang the clothes to wait until Isaac, or Ed want to wear them. Then they could iron what they want. I don’t like to hang wrinkled clothes, so I iron the fresh clothes from the dryer, and put them away. These I ironed today were in bags, so they required ironing to be decent to wear. I like to iron, and I have the time.

I have more ironing to do, but I have stopped to type. This is the first that I have been on the Rubies Corner’s blog today. I like to write a few posts, and then get back to work. I keep things current, because we have a growing blog here. How about 772 when I last checked the followers. That is plenty, but I feel this one will soar like a kite.

Next on my schedule is a sit down with my Bible, and at the den table. Ed is out and about, and when it is quiet, I love to get at the table to write, and read. I am still in Acts, but I am passed chapter 20 as of yesterday. I keep my sheet marked. At times I don’t read, and yesterday was one of those days. I didn’t get up early enough. The day was hectic, and we met others for supper. It was nice.



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