A Good, Healthy, Snack.

I will name a few that I have in mind. Maybe you will name some snacks that you like to eat. I love to cut an apple into as many slices as I can. Then I eat it. Apples are wonderful for your health. I love all kinds, but my favorite is the yellow, apple. It is sweeter.

Another snack that I love is popcorn, with a little, butter on it. It takes minutes to fix, and it is good, with a tad of salt. I love to eat popcorn when I go to the movies. It is buttered, and salted. The taste is what makes me get another handful. What do you think? I believe popcorn is good for you.

Fruit is my next thing, besides an, apple. I love tangerines, watermelon, and cantaloupe. I love grapes of any kind, as long as they are sweet. I do not like persimmons. I ate one that wasn’t ripe, and it ruined my taste for them.

Oranges are a game to eat. I eat them by the slice.

I love bananas, and at times I will put them into a fruit drink in the blender. They are loaded with goodness.

What is your favorite snack?  Maybe you eat something I haven’t tried.


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