We Walked to the Barn.

Our friends invited us to go on a walk after we ate a big meal with them. I had suggested that we go see the horses again. Sure enough this time we made our way across the busy street, and down the dirt, and gravel road. On the way was the barn, and in the barn are the horses. Our friends know the owner of the horses, and we came to the barn, and he was there having just shut the gate. Another person was there helping to feed, and do the chores.

So when we four came up, the owner saw us and said, “So you came back to see the horses.”

We said, “Yes!”  and

I thought, “I should have brought some apples for them.”

At any rate, we went around the inside of the barn, and greeted the horses that were in the barn. They were huge, and beautiful. I could reach their heads, and I patted them on the face. One was particularly friendly with us. He stared. I guess he wondered, “Who are you, and why didn’t you bring me an apple?”


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