I Would Go Back to the Barn If I Could.

I would go back to the barn if I could. It is smelly with the things they feed the horses, and the fluff that is on the barn floor. I don’t know what it was, but it is easy to brush off my shoes. I didn’t have my tennis shoes on, so my good shoes went through the fluff just fine. It wasn’t really fluffy. It was something soft on the barn floor, that held moisture, and anything else.

There is something awesome about a horse. I don’t ride very well, because I didn’t get to ride when I was young. These were nice horses, that are shown, so I wouldn’t get to ride them anyway. They are beautiful. I believe most horses are beautiful, even if they have extra, spots, and colors on them. I paint, and I notice coloring, and many things about a horse. Their big eyes seem to stare, but at times I would think I saw them twinkle.



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