I Made Supper at the Church Last Night.

I made pot pies at the church last night, and by 6:30 P. M. I had plenty in the oven. We had a nice salad, with two, kinds of olives this time. I don’t know what it is about olives. I could eat a million of them. My parents kept raisins, and olives in the house. My little sister would take the pimento out of the green, olives, and put the olives on her fingers. We are an olive, and pickle–eating,  family. The two go together.

I said, “Let me bring some olives for the salad, and I’ll cut up some tomatoes.”

We had olives left over, because not many people like them. I should have gotten the bigger, black, olives. There are fewer in the can, and they are WONDERFUL! Do you like olives!? They are good for you, even with the salt. I still am an olive eating person.

My eyes are the green of the regular, green, olives. I can’t help but smile when I see a good olive at a cafeteria style, restaurant. I will get a spoonful every time. For me, an olive, and a pickle make a good, meal. I love sweet, pickles. I don’t like dill as well.


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