I Have One Goal for Today.

I have one goal for today. I must finish what I have started, and I want to make a dent in the items that need to be washed. I am still washing clothes, and I will be most of the day. My dryer works wonders now. I have realized that I can’t put in two, kinds of cloth, and expect the dryer to dry in a reasonable amount of time. So I only put in towels, and they dry faster.

I sort the whites, and the colored, clothes so there won’t be any fading. At times a pink will get in with some of the clothes, and I have to re-wash them, because splotches of pink will form on the towels. One time Blue got in with the whites. It was towels. It made a beautiful, splotched, white, towel. I believe there was something pink in with the blue. I don’t know how it happened, but suddenly, my wonderful, white, bath towel, was white, dark blues, and pink. You would think this would be beautiful, but when I hung it up the towel looked pathetic! Someone recommended that I use bleach. Maybe it had something to do with the pathetic towel.


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