Hot Tea is Wonderful, and Other Thoughts.

I fixed fried eggs for breakfast, and this time I served them with toast, and jelly. I had nothing else in mind to serve. Yesterday I fried up a potato that was left from another night when we had them with meat. Well I was the one who consumed the fried potatoes. So I didn’t make anything like this today. I am told that one on a diet can have fat, and that it helps you lose weight. I don’t know how, but I am willing to listen.

Hot tea is what I like, and I have had two cups already. I get the green tea bags, and put one in my cup. Then I let my liquid hot drink maker do the rest. I push the on button, and it starts doing its thing. I learned to late that it doesn’t have a way to be cleaned. I use it because I get hot tea in a minute. I can also have coffee, by changing the little cup to a coffee cup. I put my cup under the spout, and soon hot coffee is being made before my eyes. It smells wonderful.

I prefer hot tea, because I was raised on it. Now I drink about 10 cups of tea, or coffee a day. It is leisure time in my life. I leisurely clean the house, and make sure the laundry is finished. I have some catching up to do, but I do that at my leisure.

I found the Game section of the internet the other day. I played a million games of checkers with the invisible opponent. I changed opponents many times. I don’t think the opponent liked to lose. I love the game, but my favorite is Chinese checkers. I have to have someone willing to play the game with me. I love Monopoly, even if I don’t always win. So games keep your mind busy with thought. They preserve your mind, because you have to think. People who play games with me have to put up with the things I do to preserve my sanity. I don’t give them chances, and I play as hard as I can. If they are children, I treat them like I would an adult. I don’t give in to whining because they aren’t winning. This way the game is fairly played. Most of the people I play catch on to the game, and then I start losing.


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