Pot Pie for Supper.

We will have my recipe for pot pie as the main menu item for Wednesday night supper. We will have a wonderful tossed salad, with things to put on the salad. If I can remember them, I am bringing olives. We meet at 6:30 P. M.

The pot pie is home-made, and I make it with Pillsbury’s Roll out  pie dough which comes in a box. It is the best there is, and I fill the pie with chicken,  carrots, and peas. Then I add some already cooked potatoes. The sauce is put over this, and some butter. It is nice. The pie ruminates in the refrigerator until time to cook it. I put spices in the pie, and when it is baking it smells up the church. Butter, and herb spice are what I put on the vegetables. I don’t add salt, because most of us don’t eat salt.

I may make a vegetarian pie for those who are not eating meat. It will be smaller, and I may have some of this one. Meat is worth 10 pounds when I go off it. I have cut down, and it is harder to lose when I’m older. So I would like to cut back even tonight.

Desert is coming, and I might find something else to make. I have one, box of brownies that I might make into treats. I am on, and off with the sweets. I believe it is worth my time not to eat sweets daily. So we are having pot pie, salad, and a simple dessert. (brownies.)


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