I am Quickly Writing.

Ed is getting dressed, and there is time to write. I can quickly boil water, and get the oatmeal done as he dresses. He makes better oatmeal, and his is done in minutes. We rarely have this, but today we are eating it. Tomorrow is Wednesday, and Thursday is the last day of the month.

April is coming and with it brings the flowers, and more Spring. It is known for showers, and March isn’t. March has been one wet month for us, but I am not complaining. Light rain helps make the grass grow greener, and the flowers come forth because it isn’t cold. We have had some colder weather, but I believe Spring is here, and summer will approach when it should.

I would like to paint today. I don’t know if this will happen. Ed has shirts to be washed, ad I have cleaned until I am resting from it. This is my last rest day, and then I will cook tomorrow night. I plan to have simple pot pie. It has carrots, potatoes, peas, and soup in it. Then I buy the dough usually. I will make a long dish of this. The red, long, deep, dish I use makes plenty.


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