Building Your Vocabulary.

New words are coming to the front every day. I hear them on the television, and mostly on the news. I believe it is a good thing to build your vocabulary. It is part of learning to read. If the vocabulary is huge, the reading level should also be high.

I taught with several teachers before I taught reading classes on my own. Vocabulary was an emphasis in the little classes that I helped with. We stressed looking up words in the dictionary and telling us what those words meant. As a classroom teacher, we would have word drills with the dictionary. I would put the word on the board, and they would see who could find it first. It was a game, but we learned new words.

Tests at the beginning and the end of the school year have a vocabulary section. If you don’t know the words, it is because you are looking at those that are above grade level. I encourage you to read what you are interested in, and do research on that subject. I once did a report on Snakes because I had a strong fear of them. I figured my knowledge about them would help calm me down. I found those that were non-poisonous, and those that were poisonous. I made lists, and looked up the kinds of snakes. By the time I did an oral report on Snakes, I knew more than most people about them. I don’t like them if they surprise me, but I don’t fear them like I did.


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