Building Your Vocabulary.

There are short and long words. I love to play a game of Scrabble. I learn words, because most of the time the other person knows their vocabulary. I love to be with smart people when they are talking with someone else. I hear more words that I can go look up in the dictionary. I collect new words. My husband uses new words, and I will say, “What does………. mean?”

He will encourage me to look it up after he tells me. I believe the Reader’s Digest always has a section on words, and their meanings. They don’t give the answers, and they are multiple choice questions. Then there is a page in the Digest that will have the answers listed.

This is a wonderful way to spend your time in the doctor’s waiting room. Read articles that are current, and look for words that you don’t know in the magazine. Write the words down, and then look them up.

On the computer, you can find the meaning of words easily, and their spelling. I am thankful for having spent 7 years teaching Reading to adults, and teens, and to children. Often we looked up words in the dictionary as part of the plan to increase their skills in Reading. They came to me because I was one of the staff members, and I had a strong, background in teaching.

I taught some people to read, and others to read fluently. Teaching reading requires the person to read, and most of the time the words they didn’t know were looked up in the dictionary. Building vocabulary is a vital part of the teaching that goes into Reading.

First graders learn vocabulary many ways, and I believe games, and puzzles were popular with most of the classes I taught. Children love to have fun, and if they are too, quiet, games will help them lose their quietness. Smile.starfish


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