We Had Popcorn for a Snack.

By the time we ate lunch yesterday, it was time for supper. So we had an early supper. Early is 5:30 P. M. Isaac fixed lunch, and we sat down at the table to eat our little meal. I believe the Lord helps us have wisdom in our older age. Ed, and I are older, and wiser than we were when we were young.

If you want to share Christ,  pray about it. Humble yourself, and pray more, and more. When you are desperate to get Christ on the throne of your life, there is a change in you. People see it.

It is not easy these days to persuade any to come to Christ. I pray, and at times it happens. We must be sensitive  to the Holy Spirit. We must still be praying for God to move among us. He is here, to encourage, and to help.


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