Cheerios Is Wonderful!

We popped popcorn, but I was hungry after eating my bowl. I couldn’t taste the butter, because Isaac doesn’t want to put much more than a quarter of a stick of butter on the popcorn. I would have put at least a half stick of butter.

So we all tasted our popcorn. It wasn’t salted, and it had a little butter, but not much. 1/4 cup is not much.

I looked in the cabinet over the oven, and there was the box of Cheerios I purchased at the grocery store when we bought groceries for our Wednesday night meal. We go to a little grocery store, in a little town. The store has good meat, and we bought something other than pork roast for supper.

I bought enough meat to make lasagna. On the way through the aisles with Ed, I found the Cheerios. He said, “We better get some for you.”

Tonight I had Cheerios, and when I opened the box, I remembered that I should have put raisins down on the list of things to get. We have plenty of prunes, but no raisins. Ah. We bought little boxes of raisins. I forgot. Cheerios are wonderful with banana slices, and raisins. I love Cheerios, because they are cheerful little things to eat. I buy the real, Cheerios. I know some companies are making their version, but I stick to the old-fashioned brands that I love, and like. Comfort food is a bowl of Cheerios, with a, few, slices of banana, and a tiny box worth of raisins. Raisins give you iron, and you need enough to keep you alive.

I don’t think horses will eat raisins. I am saving my apples for the horses we visited with D. and T. I believe the horses had the knowledge that we were friendly, and wanting to say hello to them. They were not snobbish. They were wonderfully trained, and I believe training has made them friendly. I have never thought that a horse was stupid. In fact I have always respected them, and thought that it is a good idea to be a friend to a horse. You might have them protect you when you least suspect they will. The own was friendly and he wasn’t selfish about letting us visit the horses. We only saw few  horses when we went the first time. Ed and T. and D were together with me at the barn. I love the idea of feeding a horse an apple. I might bring several when we go see them again.

And when will that be? I have no idea.


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