771 is a Wonderful, Number.

I have been up since 5:30. I went through a page that Ed gave us for studying. We read the verses aloud, and it was a wonderful study. So today, I went back through those verses. They were mainly in the Old Testament, and they were Psalms of praise.

We have turned another ten, and I am thankful. I might visit your blog, and tap follow. I read through several blogs a day, and at times I leave comments. This way I find more readers, and bloggers. I have been blogging for a while now. About 7 years.

My son started me with Word Press. He is a writer, and he wanted to give me something to do that would keep me off his being on the computer. Seems that he found Word Press, and the Rubies Corner’s blog was started that day. Eventually I started another blog, and another. I have 9 that I write from, and they keep me busy. Rubies Corner’s blog is bigger now, and it just came to 771 followers. It is slow growth, but I am thrilled.

I am a Christian, and I maintain this blog because at times I can communicate my faith. Today I am off sweets for as long as I can be. My goal is to come off them for a season. I am already of two other things, and they are beverages. I won’t drink them during this time. I have my reasons.


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