It is Always Your Choice.

It is always your choice to choose the best, and the right way. We have a momentary choice. I see the difference in people who make the right choice. The discipline of walking in peace is just that. We learn to walk in peace, because the Holy Spirit puts the Peace of Christ in us. We are to walk in it, like we are wearing peace as a coat. I know.

I wasn’t peaceful when I was growing up. Someone who lived in my home kept talking to me, but the words she said were not comforting, and kind, gentle, or loving. She chose to argue, and to start arguments. I wish it had only happened one time, but frankly it was all my life until she was no, more. After I married, I was oppressed when we would get on the phone together. She couldn’t shut her mouth, and stop this constant criticizing.

I have learned that it is our choice to choose to walk in the peace of Christ and to take on us the joy of the Lord. We may be tired, but we can have his peace, and love on us. I know, because I used to walk without the peace of God. I don’t know when the peace of God came on me, but I wear it. The peace of God is a coat for me, and I am no longer nervous, and crying. I am happy, and the joy of the Lord is continually there. It may not be laughter, but the joy of the Lord is there for me to soak up.


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