Ed and I Visited, and We saw the Horses Again.

We went to eat with T., and D. They live in the country, because there is a farmer across the street from them. They took me to see the barn, and the horses. We walked on down the dirt and gravel road , and came back. That time I was with them for supper. This time Ed, and I went to their home for supper. We walked across the street, and down the road to see the barn and the horses. This time the owner of the barn was outside. He let us in the barn, to visit with the horses. We had our jeans, and tennis shoes on. We saw these beautiful horses, and we got to pet them. I love horses, and always have. I haven’t ridden very much.

Well, Ed loved the horses. He stood talking to the owner, while Doris and I went around petting the horses. Ed and T. joined us, and we met each one. They are show horses, and they are so adorable. I am ready to go see a horse show, or a horse race. I didn’t have anything to give the horses. Next time we will bring some apples.



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