The Importance of Drinking Water -2


How to Pick up something any time. It is a ballet move that I remember. I pick it up this way, especially when no one is watching.



I am still writing about this important subject to convince you, that many health problems come along because we are not drinking enough water. When water has been treated, and purified, it is good to drink, and I recommend that you start in the morning with a glass of water, or if you don’t like it, do like I said, and find a goblet. Smile. It helps you drink your glasses of water without hesitancy.

If you want to drink water from a glass, go ahead. I recommend that you keep it cold. I believe ice water makes it better. At any rate see if you are consuming 6 glasses in one day. I suppose those of us who take walks, or exercise will need that water when we get home. I have stopped walking the mile on the levee, but I maintain the leg exercises. I am up to 150 per leg now. It helps, just like water helps. Working your body should help keep it limber, and agile.



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