The Importance of Drinking Enough Water.

We all know most of the reasons for drinking the minimum of 6, glasses of water a day. It provides moisture, and keeps the food we eat in digestion mode. Lack of water would cause a problem. Many of us love water, but at times I believe adding a, little, lemon, and some sugar is a good idea. You can use no calorie sugar, and then you have good taste without the weight.

I get busy and forget to drink water. I have water at my meals, and this is whether we are going out, or at home. In our home, I serve everyone water for their meal. We mainly drink water, and this has good effects. I don’t like it when a glass of tea spills on the tablecloth. This way, it is just water that has spilled.

I am back to putting a table-cloth on the table for dinner and for all our meals at home. We prepare three, good meals, and I believe the table is added trouble, but it should be presentable, and not haphazardly put together. So I found some of my tablecloths from the past. If they are too, big, I fold them in half, and they make our table look its best.

Isaac fixes anything we want for supper, but at times I still serve up a supper from scratch. How about fried okra, mashed potatoes, and fresh corn on the cob. Then add breaded pork chops and you have a real meal, and something that will stay with you for the night. We don’t eat as much beef, because Ed, and I are heart patients.

We really shouldn’t eat the fried okra, but it is a favorite of mine. I buy uncut okra, and chop it up myself. Then I dip it in a mixture of flour, and cornmeal. I put it in hot oil, but not much. I line the pan with the okra, and that is all we have …a pan full. When it is finished, I put it on paper towels in the bowl, and allow the okra to soak the paper towels. It takes most of the grease off the okra.  A serving of okra goes a long way. Two servings heat up fine the next day.


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