Thank you for Praying.

I gave you a prayer request. My sister, and brother in law were needing healing. I prayed with them Tuesday night. They called, telling me they needed prayers. Ed joined with me as we asked God to heal their ailments.

Yesterday, around 9:00 A. M. they called. I am telling you, because I put their prayer request for healing on the internet. I figured some of you would see the request and add your prayers to mine. Well, Ken spoke when I answered the phone. He never calls, so I thought, “Oh, no!”

It wasn’t an “Oh, no!” result. Jane was dressing for the first time in several days, and getting ready to go with him out to eat. He said his blood sugar dropped to a good number, and it had been running high for several days. He felt better. They called to thank me for praying with them, and I am thanking you for praying in agreement over them. Thank you for praying with me. You know, I haven’t seen most of you, but God has put us together for writing purposes, and for encouragement in the Lord. You have it. I am so glad that I have agreement with you. I didn’t remember to tell my church last night. I cooked, and then ate thankfully. I did tell Ed.


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