More Water………

There are different kinds of water, and we have all been close to smelly water that is stagnant for some reason. It stinks. We bathe ,and we see how dirty we were. We shower, and see the dirt falling off of us as we wash it off.

Some work requires getting dirty. You can’t get the floor really clean, unless you get down, and scrub certain areas of the floor that have dried something on them. My kitchen stays clean when I mop it frequently. I need to get another string mop, because I have used my old one until the strings are coming loose.

We had a problem with frozen, pipes one Winter. Our neighbor over 10 miles away had running water, so she invited us to shower there. We did, and some of us bathed. We were dirty, and we cleaned her tub. We continued to come to her home to shower until our pipes were fixed. It was nice to shower at home, but we never forgot her kindness.

“Come on over. You can shower and bathe here.” She thought nothing of it, but in my mind I was forever grateful for this woman who professed Christ, and was a joy to be around. She always laughed with us, and not at us. Her wisdom was profound, and her hospitality showed that day. We are blessed when we give a cup of cold water to someone who needs it. She gave more than a cup of cold water.


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