I Write Until it is time to Stop.

I slipped from the table, and came to write at the computer. Ed and Isaac had eggs with me today. Ed was going to make oatmeal, but I said, “Would you like an egg or two today?”

He consented, and took Butch out to the front yard where he does his business, and Ed sweeps off the front porch. They are out there for a good ten minutes, but Butch only goes to the front yard with Ed. I can’t whistle like Ed can when Butch wanders off to the neighbor’s yard. One good whistle makes the dog come running.

We eat two eggs a day unless Ed makes oatmeal. I got Isaac up to eat with us, and today I gave them three eggs, and I had my two. One piece of toast, with jelly underneath the toast, and the eggs on top is how I eat mine. I don’t spread the jelly, but it adds something to the flavor of eggs, and toast. I guess it is moisture, and sweet, grape jelly. I don’t eat toast with jelly, but at times I do have a spoonful of peanut butter. It gives me energy.

We had church last night. I fixed lasagna, and the big dish was empty when I turned around to look. We took home two containers of lasagna, and this is easy to freeze in individual portions. I believe lasagna is always good.

My lasagna has some changes, so it isn’t really Italian. I  mix ricotta cheese with cottage cheese, and add two eggs. This adds fluff to the lasagna. My Paul Newman jars open easily, and I add browned meat to this sauce. When I am ready to make the lasagna I have everything right there to make it. The meat is browned, the cheese is mixed with the eggs, and the bags of cheese are opened, and ready to pour between the layers. It still takes time to make this dish, and I pray over it.

When the timing is going right., I set the lasagna in the refrigerator for two, hours to ruminate. It does, because the spice I use is herb spice. I put it in the meat. At times I add it on top of the dough also. The time it takes to rest the lasagna assures that it has time to consume the flavors I added while cooking. I turn the oven on at 5:00, and by 6:15 the lasagna is bubbly, and smelling up the church sanctuary. We are a small church, but cooking for the church is what I love to do. Ed and I pray over the meal before I start buying the things for it, and we continue to work in our places…He studies, and I cook.  When they come, I have it ready and waiting. We had salad, and Texas toast to go with the lasagna, and that was enough. I didn’t think of dessert.


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