Fasting Before Easter……….

I usually do without something just before Easter, in order to fast for the approaching holiday, and sacred time for the church. I have gone through many Easters, and I am older than dirt. I do believe there is some wisdom in pushing back from the table and keeping on reserve something that we don’t eat. Fasting is a means of humbling oneself. It isn’t easy to start, but once you are on the fast, it seems like it could go for a long time.

I ask God what I should go off, and tell Him that I would like to fast. When the food comes to mind, or the way it is cooked, I go with this as my fast. Why fast? When Satan comes in like a flood, the Holy Spirit will raise a standard against him. This came to mind, and I agree. Satan comes in cunning, and little ways to make us weary, depressed, and apathetic. We make excuses for walking in the discipline of the Lord, which is to walk in His light.

I believe we must trust, and obey, and when the Holy Spirit leads you on a fast, then give into it. I believe the simplest fast is to go off one or two things. Some people drink water only, and they don’t eat. They spend time praying and meal time is more praying. As a housewife, and preacher’s wife, there have been times when our church prayed for the days before Easter.

It was humbling for all of us, and as we began the fasting, there were some times when we were cross, and agitated easily. It is all in the working out of our flesh. Self doesn’t want to comply ever with the Word. Self will sit on the throne if you allow, but the One who should sit on the throne of your heart, Christian, is the Holy Spirit. Yield again to the Holy Spirit. Give the Holy Spirit your body, mind, and spirit, and see what happens as you fast. We fast in Jesus name, and we tell God what we are fasting.

I love to fast because God loves me, and found me. I make short requests, and then worship.

I believe when we come to the place of being thankful, and worshiping the Lord, then we get off the throne of our lives, and allow the Lord of Glory, the Lord to come sit there. I believe we walk a fine ,line. Submission to God from head to toe, inside and out makes a huge difference. We aren’t bored with God any longer. He draws close to those who humble themselves, and seek His face. I pray that God will touch you, and show you His love, and grace today. I pray that you will begin the journey of fasting one, thing that you feel you could do without. At times, Ed and I have fasted television, because it was getting out of hand.  Whatever is in the way of you, and the Lord needs to be put under the control of the Holy Spirit. We grow much when we fast, pray, and seek His face.


Author: rubiescorner

I love to paint,write,make up my own recipes, and sing. I write poetry, songs, and books. I began to paint, because my sister left me art supplies, and I needed to use them. She encouraged anyone to paint.Then she died of cancer. I began to paint more, because I was grieving over her death. As I painted I came out of my gloom, and grief. She was a wonderful, artist. I continue to paint. Recently I have been writing my, fourth, novel. It is about life for a couple who live in a small, town. There is one, adventure after another, in this book. I make no apology for writing Christian novels. I believe there is an audience for Christian literature that is written in this century! My prayer is that after reading it, people will want to read the Word of God, and commit to Christ. I pray over the text, and type. My son encouraged me to join Word, and he set up my first blog which we called Rubies Corner's Blog. I have other blogs which I have left open, but the largest, blog at this point is Rubies Corner's Blog. My book is being written on rubiesdonovels which is another blog. I am currently writing my fourth, book.. I hope to publish eventually. I am a retired school teacher. My husband is pastor of Christ Fellowship in Ringgold, Georgia. We have been there over thirty, years. I write about my church, and about life from a Christian, perspective as a pastor's wife. Life has become very, interesting, and busy since I resigned from my last job. I consider myself retired, but I paint frequently. My Gravatar shows one, painting that I did several years ago. The plant cost over thirty dollars. I painted on this one for a while. I have another site that has more art work. It is on deviantArt under RSC3. I have over 200 drawings there. Some were finished on the computer with the mouse. Enjoy.

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