A Goblet Helps.


Goblet of Water 2

drink water, and hot tea, and they are about equal in the amounts. I love real, hot, tea with boiling, water poured over a tea bag. I add a little sugar and a little skim milk to it.

I have learned a way to make the water go down easily, with my delight. I bought 6 goblets from the yard sale. We wrapped them and took them home. They will replace the goblet that I broke. I drink my water from a goblet. This one is glass, and the stem is swirled, straight, and more swirl at the bottom. It has a little glass that keeps it upright, and safe.

I can tell easily if my goblet is dirty. I hold it up to the light, and I can tell if the Joy needs to be applied to it again. When it is well rinsed, and dried, it is ready to set in the cabinet. I have already had one goblet of water. My goal for today is 6 goblets of water, and 3 cups of green tea. The green tea is excellent for fighting cancer. I have a Kuric which I can use to make tea in a cup in seconds. Once it is on, the tea comes quickly when I have enough water, and put my cup under the spout.

I can’t put hot tea in a goblet, but I don’t usually like to drink 6 glasses of water. It is a routine, and a discipline. To help with this, I put the water in my goblet. I have plenty, and I can buy more at the yard sale. Goblets sell for a dollar a piece, and they are used when you have company, and put out the china. I put the china out anyway, company or not. The goblets are delicate, and fancier than a glass. One lasts a long time if you just want to drink from a goblet instead of a glass. I do, and my consumption of water is enjoyable.


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