I Prayed with my Brother-in-law, and Sister.

They say to pray for those who are sick. I do, and so does Ed. When two agree, it puts 10,000 to flight. When three agree that is 2 for 10,000, and 3 is a cord not easily broken. We prayed in agreement for Ken’s sugar problem. It was too, high today. We asked God to bring it down so he is more comfortable. We prayed in agreement for Jane. By this time Ed was agreeing also. That means 2 +2, which means 2 each putting 10,000 to flight.

I explained that this is either angels coming in to help, or taking off demons. I believe God answers our prayers. He hears when we cry. In fact He answers before we call, and while we are praying he listens. God is awesome. We are praying for their healing .

I called back. Jane is much easier to hear, and Ken sounds good, also. They are precious people. They help people, like the woman in Acts did. She got ill, and died, but the Lord raised her up. Her people who she cared for were so thankful. They showed the apostles the things the lady had made. Well, I reminded the Lord of the good things that Jane and Ken do for the neighbors, and people in their community.

As I got off the phone with them, I knew they were alright for the night. Why wouldn’t they be with over 10,000 angels on the property. God changes the atmosphere of the room where we are. I have talked about His Presence frequently, today. He is awesome!


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