A Reminder of God’s Love.

I am from the South. My dad was a preacher, and an, Evangelist. He had evangelism gifts, and interests. He would hold revival meetings where he was called to go, and one time he came to Ed’s church to hold meetings. We had three, small churches at the time, and Ed preached to all three on Sunday mornings. Dad went to the bigger church, and the other congregations came also. It was a revival for the three churches.

There was a response, and people came to Christ. One lady took me aside as asked, “Explain it to me. I want to come to Christ, but tell me how.” I told her.

My mother, and Dad worked together in the ministry. Mom was supportive, and she prayed for Dad, and his ministry. She helped in every way she could, and it wasn’t easy raising us kids, and helping Dad also. They would read the Bible with us before we started our day. This was every day including Christmas, and Easter!

Dad knew how to draw, and he began a little program on television, and because he drew simple pictures to illustrate his Bible lesson, he reached more people while he was on television. He loved people, spent time with the Lord, and he grew his ministry. I can still see his easel set up, and his chalk ready to go for the children, and adults that he taught at another church in Macon. He had the children’s group, and they loved his illustrations, and lessons.

I believe we need to have a heart for the Lord. He gives us things to use in our expression of our faith. Some have gifts of faith, and healing. Other have prayer ministry. Some have evangelism gifts. All of us are not gifted alike, but one thing is in common. The love for God, and for people is there when you are flowing with God.

His love is speaking the truth. His word is the truth, and He is light. When God’s light shines through you it is because you have put away the dark side of life. What is hidden is exposed by the light. When we repent of our own sins, and truly come to Christ, there is nothing that can stand against the anointing. It breaks the yoke of bondage, and sets people free.

We come to Christ with our sins, and He forgives us. He died on the cross that we could be saved from sin, self, and Satan. God knows we are sinners, but when we come to the cross, and accept Christ as our personal Savior, we change from walking in the darkness, to walking with Him.

All things become new when we come to Christ, because the old ways of living are gone. We are not walking in the darkness any longer, but we are walking with Jesus, our Savior. I am sure you have heard this message many times, but do you see the miracle here? Jesus Christ, God’s Son, died for you, and me. We are headed for hell, but when we come to Christ, we head toward Heaven.

Nothing but the blood of Christ, and receiving Him as our Savior can get us to Heaven.

We come humbly, repent of our sinful ways, and ask forgiveness.

We recognize that Jesus died for us personally on the cross, for our being the sinner who needs Salvation.

Humility, and humbleness. ..no pride left. We walk away from the darkness, and change, because when the Holy Spirit comes to abide inside you there is a dramatic change in you.

God the Holy Spirit walks in to those who repent, humble themselves, and ask forgiveness. We receive Christ as Savior, and Lord.

We open the door of our heart and say, “Come in to my life, Lord Jesus, and make me a New Creature. I repent of my evil ways. I believe You are the Son of God, and that you died for me on the Cross. Forgive me of my sins, and come live inside of me. I give my life to you, Father in Jesus name, from head to toe, inside and out. Change me on the inside as you walk into my life. I give it to you forever. In Jesus name.”

If you haven’t, and you would like to change, then read this over, and do what I showed you to do. If you have seen no, change, than surrender again from head to toe. Mean it, and ask Him to come live inside you . The Holy Spirit will come in to reside. You will even look different, because the darkness is now gone. The radiance is from the Presence of Almighty God.


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