So What Would I Rather Have?

I go with the flow, but when I choose, I would rather have a hamburger with all the things you put on it. I mean cheese, melted cheese, tomato, lettuce, mayo, mustard, pickles, chips,  and I think that’s all.

I do make hamburgers at the church at times. I fry them in the iron skillet I have, and they come out right. I make them with upper-grade meat, but I allow some meat mixed in to have more fat. This is my downfall. I love fat, and he loves lean.

So I love a, good, hamburger? Yes. Don’t ask me to go to a food chain and get a hamburger. I would rather make my own if I can. At times we have baked beans, hamburgers, and chips for supper. We serve tomato, cut onions, and pickles, with potato chips. Now chips have salt, and I can’t have the salt right now. It stirs up my blood pressure, which is not a good idea. Otherwise, I think biting into a thick home-made, cheese burger that is done, is wonderful! Now I am hungry!


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